What does this program entail?


This program is for women who already love my boudoir, are excited to empower other women with the experience of boudoir, active on social media and are comfortable with promoting and chatting about their own experiences!

You will be a part of stylized sessions, receive referral rewards, discounts on print store, ambassador gifts, social ambassador events and be able to share the love with others... just to name a few things.

What does being an ambassador look like?

Quick overview of the guidelines for all my Ambassador Babes!

  • 1 year exclusive contract with full release of images
  • You would get access to unique and specialized creative styled boudoir shoots minimum of twice a year. These shoots could be just you or all of the ambassadors at the shoot. You would have access to my client closet or be willing to purchase an outfit to fit the styled vibe of the session. These stylized sessions are free! No charge! You will receive 10 hi-res images from each session with the option to purchase more or other print products at a 25% discount!
  • You will agree to promote my boudoir social media a minimum of twice a month (bi-weekly). Promote with the amazing images you will receive from the sessions or a post I made on IG or FB. 
  • You will be rewarded for referrals! Every booked session that you have referred earns you $50 cash! (Or if you just want me to top up your Starbucks card I can do that too!)
  • You are required to purchase your own boudoir session once within in the year that you get full creative control on! There is a $150 deposit paid at the time of signing your ambassador contract that will go towards your boudoir session.
  • My ambassadors are Rockstars - and I treat them accordingly! You will be gifted things throughout the year for yourself as well as items you can use as giveaways on your social media. 
  • Now, this might be one of the most unique perks to being my Ambassador, there will be an Ambassador event once a year where there will be shopping, drinks, and just a good time that you can invite a couple friends to! 

Is it right for me?

The ambassador program is for any woman wanting the Intimate Portraits by Tangena Marie Photography experience, but who desires even MORE! Whether you’re a stay at home mom, business owner, single, married, or anything in between, this program is right for you if you: 

• Have a heart for encouraging and empowering other women

• Desire more community and surrounding yourself with other like-minded women

• Active on social media and are comfortable sharing your images on social media.

• Already love my brand and want to share it with others 

• Have a story you want to tell, to help other women who may have struggled with the same thing

• Are ready to love your body, who you are, and want to help other women do the same

Want to apply to be a 2022 Ambassador?

Please use the email below to send me your application for the 2022 Boudoir Ambassador Program! Please attach a full body photo of you (fully clothed in your typical clothing - I want to see you!) as well as an image of you in lingerie or bathing suit (can be from a boudoir session you've done before) along with a little write up about yourself and why you would like to be an Ambassador!

I will be picking 3-4 Ambassadors for this year and then applications will come up for next year or later on if I decide to expand the program!