My name is Tangena and I am based out of Prince George, BC, Canada. I love to travel so lets find an amazing location to shoot!  

I am proud to not be the type of photographer to come to a session dressed prim and proper. I show up ready to run beside you and your spouse, go waist deep in the lake for that shot, climb that sketchy rocked area knowing this angle is the winner, and bringing gum boots incase that off the beaten path location we've scouted gets messy. I live my life mainly in jeans and hoodies but don't worry, I clean up very nicely for your beautiful wedding!

On a normal day you will find me outside enjoying nature, whether that is in my garden, going for a hike, headed out fishing, and getting away for awhile camping. If I am not outside I am cozied up with a coffee - but lets be honest, if it is summer that coffee is being enjoyed on my porch or around the fire, and is most likely a beer.

I am most passionate about bringing happiness to my life and the people around me. My mission is to laugh as much as humanly possible while fully living and loving every moment we have on this gorgeous earth! 

So, long story short, If you are looking for timeless, natural and authentically raw images as well as great company lets get to know each other!

I can't wait to meet and capture your story.