More of the details!

I'm Tangena (tan.JEE.naa) - 33 - mom - wife - lover of the outdoors!

I was hooked as soon as I stepped foot into a dark room and here I am 15 years later. Capturing real life moments is my passion and I very early on realized I would not be able to have a career that had me stuck indoors at a desk. So I earned my degree in Digital Photography in 2009 and was ready to take on the world!

Hello husband, baby, and life.. little detour and now I am a full-time photographer doing exactly what I wanted to do!

With a busy career that takes me all over, recharging and taking time for myself and my family is super important!

That is where the beautiful outdoors comes in...

Camping, fishing, gardening, sitting around a fire, taking a drive down dirt roads, and laughing with my people is how I recharge. If I can do all that in jeans and a hoodie with a beer or coffee in hand - I am living my best life!

When it comes to my photography style it is very much how I love to live my life.. fun! I am the photographer for the ones who want to laugh, play, run in the water, take a trip down a dirt road and find a beautiful location to cuddle up.. you will not see any stiff poses, all natural and authentic emotions here! My goal is to plan an adventurous (or calm but equally fun) journey with you, capturing the essence and feeling of the day. I understand the importance of living in the present and creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime so as you immerse yourself in the moments, I will be there, discreetly and skillfully, capturing them with passion and humour for a memorable session!

Do I sound like the perfect fit for you?? Tell me your story and let's capture some beautiful images!

*Images of myself and my awesome little family by the lovely Ava Photography*